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It's called a Christmas story.


[I]Lexie looked at their cramped little apartment and she knew she had gone WAY overboard. She couldn’t help it. Christmas had always been her very favorite holiday. She also couldn’t help remembering the rush of excitement in George’s voice and the happiness and slight melancholy in his eyes as he remembered a Christmas spent with Izzie and Meredith looking out under the tree. He had told her he had felt like nothing could touch him that day. She wanted so much to see that look in his eyes again.


So she had put up a huge tree, put up Christmas tinsel and garland, put up a big laughing Santa Claus at the door and even bought a reindeer. The apartment looked like the North Pole and she expected to see Rudolf come to life any minute. All that was missing was a Mama Claus costume, and it had taken all her willpower not to buy one and put it on.


She heard some footsteps approaching and quickly hid behind their couch. When he opened the door, she jumped out and yelled Surprise. The pure joy and surprise on George’s face made all her efforts worthwhile.


They spent an amazing Christmas night, just the two of them, telling each other funny stories and making each other laugh. Sometimes when she would get a bit tired, her head would fall on his strong chest for a while and his arms would hold her. It felt like home.


Something was missing though. She couldn’t help wanting so much more.


She had been in love with George for months now, but he never seemed to see her as more than just his very good friend. Thinking back on their wonderful evening, she asked herself again why she couldn’t accept the wonderful friendship he had given her. Was she being too greedy wanting more? Was she risking the friendship that had come to mean so much to her? George was the first true friend she had made in this new life. Did she really want to lose that?[/I]


She knew Mark was interested in her in that way. He had shown more than enough signs the last few months. She wondered why she couldn’t just go with him. He was hot, sexy, funny and paid her attention. He didn’t view her as the cute little sister and great friend. But then, Mark didn’t make her feel the way George did. She didn’t get butterflies in her stomach the minute he got near her, he didn’t make her feel so light-headed by just touching her hand she felt like she could float away. She didn’t daydream for hours of his smile and of how it would feel if his lips could touch hers again and linger just a little bit more longer next time. He didn’t smell half as good. And most of all, he just wasn’t George.


But was she setting herself up for more heartbreak?


She was about to go to bed when she heard George’s voice calling her. His soft voice always sent tingles right down to her toes.


˝Lex, could you come in a second? I need your help, I’m in the kitchen.˝


She went there, not quite knowing what he wanted so late. When she got in, George had that kind of nervous and excited gleam in his eye. His hands were behind his back and he got that mischievous grin she loved so much.


˝I needed help putting this up˝, George said, voice quivering just a little.


Here in his hand he had a mistletoe. Lexie’s mind swirled. A million questions raced through her mind, and this little gleam of hope she couldn’t quite contain.


She looked up at him, and in his eyes, she saw something new, soft and longing. Her heart stopped.


˝I have been dreaming of doing this for so long˝, she heard him saying through her buzzing ears.


Before she could say anything, his lip found hers, enveloping her in a warm cocoon and creating in her a thousand wonderful sensations.


This is much, much better than friendship, was the last coherent thought that formed in her mind as George deepened their kiss and she got lost in all the magical sensations.

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